Tips on Choosing Custom Mirrors for the Bathroom

Whether a homeowner is undertaking a minor refresh or a full bathroom renovation, choosing the right mirror is a crucial decision. The bathroom mirror is one of the room’s most commonly used parts; therefore, its capabilities and design can greatly affect the appearance and function of the space. Below are several tips on choosing custom bathroom mirrors.

Consider the Mirror’s Placement

Before choosing a mirror, the owner should think about the area in which they want to hang it. Is the area big or small, concave or flat? Putting a mirror into a nook can increase dimension and depth. Large flat walls offer the chance to hang multiple mirrors, which can transform a functional item into an aesthetic focal point.

Think About How the Mirror Will be Used

A mirror can transform the entire look of the room, and it brings a decorative element while brightening the room. Mirrors reflect natural and overhead light, and if it will be used for grooming, the owner should get the best glass possible.

Frame it Up

In most cases, choosing framed mirrors can offer great benefits. A frame can accentuate the space and the glass, creating another focal point in the room. Designers and homeowners should think of the mirror frame as an accessory that can turn a drab look into a perfected, polished one.

Contemplate a Custom Bathroom Mirror

While custom is typically equated with a higher cost, that’s not always the case. Choosing a custom bathroom mirror can be a cost-efficient, simple way to get the perfect piece for any space. Clients can work with vendors and designers to bring their own tastes to the forefront. With the designer’s help, homeowners can choose their glass, mounting, and frame preferences to suit their tastes and the style of the home.

Mirrors can add to or detract from the looks of a bathroom, and that’s why it’s important to choose them carefully. With the above tips on choosing the right mirror for a bathroom space, customers can put their new knowledge to work by designing and choosing custom mirrors. Call today or visit the website for more information.

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