4 Tips for Hanging Wall Decor

Having trouble decorating the walls of your home? Custom picture framing might be a helpful solution. Consider these four tips for choosing the right pieces to accent your home.

1. Pick the Right Colors

Color is key for interior design. Make sure your wall art corresponds with the room’s furniture, carpet and paint. Choose custom picture frames that match the color scheme of the rest of the room.

2. Choose a Proportional Size

Artware says that disproportional wall art can make a room look awkward. Pick pieces that blend well with the overall room décor. However, feel free to strategically add larger pieces if you want to create a more prominent focal point or dramatic effect.

3. Get the Right Mounting

Custom frames hang differently depending on the mounting type. Decide whether you want your pieces to mount flush to the wall or be more offset. You can even place your photos and artwork on shelves instead of securing them directly.

4. Customize the Look

There is no need to settle for premade picture frames. Work with a custom framer to get the perfect frames for your pieces. Choose the right color, mat and materials to create a unique look that matches your personal style.

Get started on your next project by calling a custom picture framing expert for advice on how to select the right colors and materials for your art pieces.

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